RUGGED PREMIER LEAGUE IS HERE TO STAY! – @Stakegains Interviews @RuggedyBaba


    With just a day to go, The highly publicized Rugged Premier League is around the corner. Your Number 1 Soccer Prediction Website in Nigeria, Stakegains.Com caught up with the convener of the much anticipated Rugged Premier League, the Legendary Ruggedman. We had a chat with him via his official twitter account @Ruggedybaba. Below is what he had to say.

    Stakegains- We Welcome you sir, to this Tweetchat with Stakegains
    Ruggedman- Thank you stakegains . Hope you are good today?

    Stakegains- You seem to have so much passion for sports (Football) any particular reason as to this?
    Ruggedman -Maybe I was a footballer in my life before. I just love the game. It has a way of bringing people together

    Stakegains- How will you rate your gaming skill 1-10 ?
    I won’t lie, I’ll give myself a 7

    Stakegains- What should participants and Audience watch out for on sept 2nd and 3rd?
    Ruggedman – A great gaming atmosphere. Celebrities but it’s more about the soccer competition.Gifts from random raffle draws n banter

    Stakegains- What brought about the whole concept of ” #RuggedPremierLeague”

    Ruggedman – I love fifa soccer n always wanted a situation where a lot of lovers of the game will converge n have fun n win prizes while at it
    That’s how the #RuggedPremierleague was born n they can still register on to compete.


    Stakegains- After this first edition of #RuggedPremierLeague what next?
    Ruggedman- We are already being asked to come hold it in other states and we are considering it. It’s definately going to be quarterly or anually

    Stakegains- #RuggedPremierLeague was scheduled for August. Why the shift in date how will this influence the tournament? RuggedyBaba-
    Wen we announced August,hype hadnt started seriously.We needed to secure @NairaBET cos dey r a super betting company.No negative influence


    Stakegains- How can interested participants purchase tickets?
    Ruggedman – Participants are to Pay N3000 to “Rugged Premier League 2099474975 UBA” account, then send confirmation to
    They can also register and make payment direct from the official website cc @UBAGroup


    Stakegains- Are girls invited to participate or is it a boy thing?
    Ruggedman- Everybody is invited to participate. Infact a girl was the 2nd person to register.
    We also have a 12 year old that’s registered (with parents permission ofcourse)

    Stakegains- What if people get to hot blooded and a fight breaks out due to tension?
    Ruggedman- Just like Old Traford, @TroyLagos has able security that will defuse any tension n we’ll give them @LaCasera_Apple to cool down 😂

    Staekgains- Will there be consolation prizes for people who played their best but didn’t make it to the top three?
    Ruggedman- The rules are the same as d real UCL. If everybody gets a prize then it wont be special. So only the best 3 get d big prizes.

    Stakegains- Is there a limit to the number of people allowed to attend? By invites?Gatefee?
    Ruggedman- We welcome as many people as @TroyLagos can contain and then we close the gates. Same as in stadiums.

    Stakegains- What are participants and audience to expect during this 2 days tournanment.
    They should expect to see intense soccer battles between men and women.Celebrities, gifts n over all fun

    Stakegains- Finally, pls intimate us with details on Venue, date, registration fee?


    Ruggedman- The venue is @TroyLagos beside oriental hotel lekki. Date is this weekend Sept 2nd n 3rd 2017.
    Registration to participate is N3000 payable into Rugged Premier League 2099474975 UBA”
    To come and watch the action is ABSOLUTELY FREE with the 1st 50 people getting @LaCasera_Apple

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