Tips on How to be smart at a Nigerian Market

So many people in this country have gone through so many issues just to buy things successfully without problems.
Okay here is the first rule
It’s to approach the market with the mindset that everyone is out to scam you. Then act accordingly.
Now obviously, not every single person is a scam but to be on the safer side, trust no one. Even the ones that make friends with you and start calling you customer. Some of them will gain your trust and then connive with other sellers to scam you.
Also, whenever you’re in a crowded area and people’s bodies are touching, hold your purse/bag/pocket/wallet/phone well.
If you buy a shoe and a guy meets you to put nail in it so that it will be stronger, be careful before accepting. A lot of people have been scammed this way. Some of these guys will take the shoe and after putting like three small nails, they’ll charge you like 3,000. And if you don’t pay, their colleagues will come out of their hiding places and harass you. And you know 9ja, no one will talk. So to be safe, easily carry your shoe home first and then find shoe maker that’ll do it for you. I know there are good ones who honestly want to put the nail for you so if you think you can spot them yourself, then you’re good to go.
I know a lot of people will say ‘divide the amount they give you by 2 and then add little’, but here’s my strategy for a better bargain, especially when I’m really broke or have no idea what the real price is.
I divide the amount they tell me by 3.  When the seller hears your price, he/she’ll most probably laugh and say something like ‘I didn’t even buy it at that price. Then he’ll reduce the amount. But still insist on your small amount and act like you don’t have any more.
At this point, he’ll see you’re really serious about not having money and give his last price. Don’t stop there, act like you still can’t afford it and start moving away. Then ask for his last price again. He’ll remove a little money from his former last price (That’s usually the real price)
NOTE: Some sellers who were honest about the last price the first time may not budge.
If you don’t carry a wallet or bag, arrange your money in bits in your pocket so you don’t have to pull out the whole wad of cash and start counting in front of people when you want to pay for an item. If a seller doesn’t have something in his shop and offers to take you to a shop that has it, chances are that he’ll have a cut out of the sale. So the seller might try to increase the price so he can drop something for the guy that brought you. So have that in mind when pricing next time. Or don’t allow anybody lead you anywhere.
If u buy a phone, make sure you test it there to see if its working. If it doesn’t, no matter the story they tell you, run for your life, also, if you buy the phone, be watchful as they put it into nylon if not they may exchange it with a China phone that looks exactly like the one you just held. And if someone meets you to install something inside your phone that will “make it work better”, say no thank you and walk fast…FAST!
If you go to repair your phone, make sure you get to the shop first before handing your phone to anyone, don’t give it to any guy standing around claiming they repair phones and their shop is just nearby. Because if they take the phone and u start following them to their shop, they may just turn around and ask ‘who are you?’, and then act like the phone they are holding is not your own. People around there already know the trick and will not talk. So be careful.
Try to use as little number of bags as possible to pack your items in the market. This will help prevent loss of item aids convenience.
Finally, don’t forget yourself and stand around to look whenever there is a fight or heated argument in the market. This is called #CommonSense😂
Thanks for reading. Please do not forget to comment if you have any to add ✌
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