Pastor Chris just got his first private jet


Before the world will start writing rubbish, I was there when Evangelist Kathy (younger sister of Rev Dr. Chris Oyakhilome)together with Loveworld All Stars presented an aircraft gift to our Man of God.

In making the presentation, she recounted how it had always been her desire to give an aircraft to our Man of God. She also did not mince words in thanking her Son (Dazeman) who I heard is less than 24 years old but in control of serious resources and her Husband (Dr. Woghiren) who made it possible to achieve this undying dream.

Our man of God in receiving the gift, expressed his gratitude to Evangelist Kathy and publicly stated that he had always turned down such gifts but that he would accept this since it was coming from a family member (younger sister). He had to walk to their mother who was full of tears before accepting the gift.

While I applauded the exercise of faith, my mind went through some issues:

1. How big are my dreams and how strong is my faith in bringing these dreams to reality?

2. Do I have plans for others or is it just about myself and things that benefit me?

3. What others are dying for, some others are giving away.

4. So, Pastor Chris never had a private jet before now even though he could buy same for himself and from his statement, he turned down offers of such gift.

5. Evangelist Kathy surely pays her tithe yet she didn’t get smaller or poorer neither does she feel that she was being swindled by her Pastor or church. In fact Pastor reemphasized the scripture that says- it is more blessed to give than to receive.

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I have made up my mind to do more for God by helping others, giving to favour His righteous course, recognize and value the position of my Pastor in my life. I am a vent of blessings.


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